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Malcesine Cable Car - Monte Baldo - LakeGarda


Who said that human beings are not meant to fly? The bravest ones can let their wings grow up, or rather, a large colored wing, that of a paraglider.
There is no more engaging and exciting way to get away from mother earth. Because only by flying with a paraglider can you experience the real experience of flying by staying in direct contact with everything that surrounds us and that we want to see for the first time from a rare and otherwise difficult to imagine perspective.
The verb "to fly" is not used inappropriately when talking about paragliding. Whoever practices it, understands from the very first moments why. The sail does not have a passive role as it can be in parachuting, where it is simply a matter of restraining a fall that is inevitably unidirectional. The sail can make you fly for hours, it can take advantage of upward currents to rise in altitude, it can allow you to have a route, a destination, a destination that is not only measurable vertically but also horizontally, and can be many kilometers from the starting point.


Lake Garda is certainly one of the most celebrated places in Italy for paragliding.
The largest Italian lake, especially in its summit, where it seems to resemble a Norwegian fjord and is divided between three regions (Veneto, Trentino and Lombardia) is in itself an incredible open-air gym, increasingly a perfect place to practice the most beautiful outdoor sports known today: from mountain biking to windsurfing, from sailing to rock climbing, from cycling to trekking, to mountaineering, to underwater sports and, of course, to paragliding.


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The most coveted point to take off is Monte Baldo. The mountain range that borders the Garda and divides it with the Adige valley, reaches and exceeds 2000 thousand meters, both in Veneto and in Trentino. But there is an extraordinary place that seems made for paragliding take-offs. It is Tratto Spino, a long horizontal ridge that is also among the most panoramic places of the whole Garda. It is located at 1700 meters above sea level and is easily reachable by the "Malcesine - Monte Baldo" cableway, which starts from the pleasant tourist resort on the Garda shore and in a few minutes reaches the plateau where there are also several catering services.