Questions and facts about the Tandem flight with a paraglidider.

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Few things to keep in mind before experiencing this activity: there is no need for special clothing, obviously the sports one is suitable, even if a windproof jacket, helmet and accessories will be provided by the organization (and returned after landing). We recommend comfortable and not too heavy sports shoes, absolutely necessary sunglasses of the right size or better if held by a rubber band during the flight. The use travel gums to prevent naupathy (sea sickness and similar disorders) is recommended only to those who already know they suffer from it. It is better to fly with an empty stomach assuming not too much liquids before the takeoff.
The flight takes place comfortably seated on a saddle and secured to the sail by a special harness. The pilot sits behind the passenger and can easily communicate with him. The pilot obviously has the responsibility of the flight and it is therefore only he who can accept any requests from the passenger, such as the possibility of taking the commands of the sail for a few moments or performing maneuvers, different from those of the panoramic flight.
Any aerobatic maneuvers will be carried out only upon explicit request and in the phase of approaching landing, to further increase the safety of the pilot and passenger, in any case over the water.
Our organization is also able to fly more people at the same time, therefore with more sails and more pilots.
Everyone can practice this exciting sport, without age limits. Obviously a good health condition is required. Parental consent is essential for minors. It is rare that during the flight the passenger can feel some kind of sickness. Usually it can be a slight feeling of nausea that can be reduced or overcome by avoiding the most abrupt maneuvers. For this purpose it will be sufficient to communicate to the pilot the situation during the flight.
We offer various types of flights;
PANORAMIC TANDEM PARAGLIDING which consists of a classic and relaxina flight. Excellent to appreciate the panorama of Lake Garda and its mountains.
ACROBATIC TANDEM PARAGLIDING if you want strong emotions and adrenaline ... it will be a unique and exciting experience!
GROUP TANDEM PARAGLIDING great for groups of friends or companies for Team Building activities or business awards.